Learn web development thanks to these online resources

The development of web made numerous designers and developers share their passion for the open public. Because this area requires lifetime learning, you’ll find plenty of online resources where you can learn cool stuff such as the basics of web development, build your own portfolio, and how to make baby steps into a new and challenging career.

The reason why it’s an excellent choice to start an online web development course is that you get to avoid the hassle of going to the university and looking for special classes. Plus, you can study in your own rhythm whenever you have a moment to spare.

Many great web developers are actually self-taught. If you believe in your personal skills and you are motivated enough, you can get very far in this fascinating domain called web development.

Fortunately, you have so many excellent online resources that enable you full access to their platform. One of them is Treehouse, that has a small monthly fee but the things you can learn here are indeed priceless. Basically, this program guides you through different tracks that are sued for teaching certain skills or specific programming language, starting with the beginner level and ending up with the advanced.


Each course comes with useful videos explained by an instructor. Also, you get sample quizzes that allow you to practice what you’ve learned. You can see various aspects and stages you need to pass before learning how to develop websites and apps. If you become a member of this online community you get to participate in different workshops and read great books and check audiovisual materials. The best part is that, once you gain some experience and you feel confident enough, you can apply for several jobs and internships ads provided by Treehouse.

A tad similar to Treehouse, Lynda, is another great online resource if you’re interested in web development. If you give it a try, you’ll find a range of cool videos were online instructors explain how this field works. On top of this, the information is not divided into tracks, but instead, you have access to thousands of video and courses suitable for different level skills.

The reason why many people pay a monthly fee for the services provided by Lynda is that they get to learn useful things about animation, music, film, and photography.

One of the most appreciated platforms in the world of web development is without any doubt Codecademy. This online learning site has a different approach when it comes to teaching students. First of all, there’s no fee involved. You can check every video and course without paying anything. Instead of watching just tutorials, you also benefit from interactive examples that explain to you what coding is all about.

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