Best Garmin GPS Units in 2018


Garmin is one of the pioneers in producing GPS units. It makes the best GPS for the money according to some experts. Garmin GPS units are “built to last”. Garman is the first name that crops up in the mind of most people when they plan to replace their old GPS unit with a new one. Garmin has revolutionized the world of GPS.

Garmin offers various types of GPS units that can satisfy every user. So, what is the best Garmin GPS unit for the year 2018? I have been looking at the various GPS units available for the new car that I am planning to buy in the early week of January 2018. After reviewing some GPS units, I came up with 3 different options from Garmin. They all look exciting and have wonderful features to offer.


Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT

Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT is a high end model of Garmin. It has a 7 inch screen with zoom option. The main attraction of this GPS unit is that it has an updated map of the US with lifelong update guarantee. Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT supports hands free calling and voice based navigation.

It can easily synch with other devices like your Smartphone and laptop using the Bluetooth. The direct access feature of Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT allows you to find the exact location where you want to go and Garmin Traffic feature lets you avoid traffic all the time. It is one of the best GPS units from Garmin.



Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD

It is a 5 inch GPS unit from Garmin that offers premium features like HD Digital Traffic, the premium traffic solution from Garmin. Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD supports Bluetooth calling and voice activated navigation and provides regular alerts to the driver.

The alerts include information about sharp curves, speed changes etc. It also displays calls and text messages from your Smartphone once you sync your Smartphone with it using the Bluetooth. Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD GPS unit makes life easy for you by providing all the necessary information.


Garmin Nuvi 57LM

Garmin Nuvi 57LM is an easy-to-use GPS navigator that has a 5-inch screen and is pre-loaded with the latest maps of the US. It also comes with life time map update guarantee. One of the main attractions of the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is the Garmin Real Directions. This feature guides you like a friend by providing information for your safe journey including traffic lights and landmarks. The Fourthsquare feature shows you the latest restaurants and shops. One of the cost effective models of Garmin, it is well worth your money.


All the 3 models are good and I am planning to buy one for my new car? Which one you need one?



Learn web development thanks to these online resources

The development of web made numerous designers and developers share their passion for the open public. Because this area requires lifetime learning, you’ll find plenty of online resources where you can learn cool stuff such as the basics of web development, build your own portfolio, and how to make baby steps into a new and challenging career.

The reason why it’s an excellent choice to start an online web development course is that you get to avoid the hassle of going to the university and looking for special classes. Plus, you can study in your own rhythm whenever you have a moment to spare.

Many great web developers are actually self-taught. If you believe in your personal skills and you are motivated enough, you can get very far in this fascinating domain called web development.

Fortunately, you have so many excellent online resources that enable you full access to their platform. One of them is Treehouse, that has a small monthly fee but the things you can learn here are indeed priceless. Basically, this program guides you through different tracks that are sued for teaching certain skills or specific programming language, starting with the beginner level and ending up with the advanced.


Each course comes with useful videos explained by an instructor. Also, you get sample quizzes that allow you to practice what you’ve learned. You can see various aspects and stages you need to pass before learning how to develop websites and apps. If you become a member of this online community you get to participate in different workshops and read great books and check audiovisual materials. The best part is that, once you gain some experience and you feel confident enough, you can apply for several jobs and internships ads provided by Treehouse.

A tad similar to Treehouse, Lynda, is another great online resource if you’re interested in web development. If you give it a try, you’ll find a range of cool videos were online instructors explain how this field works. On top of this, the information is not divided into tracks, but instead, you have access to thousands of video and courses suitable for different level skills.

The reason why many people pay a monthly fee for the services provided by Lynda is that they get to learn useful things about animation, music, film, and photography.

One of the most appreciated platforms in the world of web development is without any doubt Codecademy. This online learning site has a different approach when it comes to teaching students. First of all, there’s no fee involved. You can check every video and course without paying anything. Instead of watching just tutorials, you also benefit from interactive examples that explain to you what coding is all about.

Things you need to know about radar detectors


Every driver’s dream is to able to relax and drive the cars without having to worry about speed limits. That’s exactly the sole purpose of having a radar detector. Thanks to the modern discoveries, many models are outfitted with an ergonomic design as well as cool features such as GPS, Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility. Furthermore, radar detectors can enable plenty of protection besides the fact that they can prevent you from getting speed tickets so often.

In order to get the perfect radar detector that suits your style and personal needs, you need to understand how these devices actually work.

For instance, there are three types of radar detectors available for sale: remote-mount, cordless, and corded units.

If you decide to get a remote-mount detector, you should know that these items must be permanently affixed to your vehicle. Nevertheless, they have a major advantage because they ensure a clean and easy installation that is quite difficult to be detected by potential thieves.

Corded detectors are usually located on the windshield using suction cups. Also, these types of radar detectors seem to be more accurate in terms of detection. Cordless detectors can be easily switched from one vehicle to another and don’t require a special setup.

When in the market for a great radar detector, you should check whether the product you’re interested in comes with a laser sensor. This feature allows the unit to detect laser beams located in front of you. If you opt for a 360-degree laser detection function, then you’ll be able to check for laser pulses in every possible direction, like in the two sides and behind your vehicle. However, these products can be a tad more pricey even though they are definitely reliable than regular models.


It’s important to try to find a detector that can differentiate between different signals coming from emergency vehicles and roadside alerts. These devices will display the type of signal they receive and its strength directly on the display.

Keep in mind that in some localities it’s not legal to use radar detectors. Therefore, police have developed their own special devices that are able to detect radar detectors, called radar detector detectors or RDD. Basically, these items are so cleverly developed that they can easily pick up any kind of oscillations emitted by other receivers using radar detectors and inform the police that there’s a radar detector in the near proximity. So, many detector manufacturers have built models that boast a special shield that dispenses these emissions or even shut down when they detect an RDD nearby.  

One major improvement in terms of radar detectors is related to GPS technology. This translates to the product being able to communicate with satellites while you are driving your car. This way, you get precious information about speed, direction, and location. Plus, these radar detectors can even store the data in order to pinpoint a location on a map.

Since we are all addicted to our smartphones, it’s no wonder that the latest trend in the radar detector industry is the phone compatibility. There are several apps available for download that you will alert you when there’s an issue in the vicinity.





Why living in an RV is often better than living in a house


RV living is not just about chucking a house in favor of a home on wheels. It’s really about realizing how you can grow as a person while living in a house on wheels.

Like many fascinated RVers have found out, it takes more than just a top-quality RV GPS onboard your trustworthy motorhome to get you to all the 49 states of America. You have to be ready to call every state your home for as long as you embrace the RV lifestyle. Cool, isn’t it?



Compared to a house, your RV could be parked in an elite address one day and then move on to another rich suburban neighborhood the next without you having to pay exorbitant real estate property costs. You can have a beachfront property and then another one in the big city without the need to take out one mortgage after another.

The concept of settling down is far from the traditional as RVing lets you enjoy marriage on the road, exploring all that the great U.S. of A. has to offer and consistently being thankful that you were born in such an awesome country with superbly awesome people, not to mention enjoying the RV life with a great spouse.


When you live in an RV, the normal things that regular house residents just take for granted become much more precious. You don’t take good WiFi connection for granted, warm and cold showers become more treasured during winters and summers, and being able to use a dishwasher in a serviced apartment is a delightful thing. Simply put, you never take even the smallest comforts of home for granted. You develop a healthy respect for amenities.

When traveling with a partner, one of you could drive while the other makes sure dinner will be ready when you get to the next state border.

Because your home is already paid off, you won’t ever have to worry about being crushed under a tremendous mortgage. The RV virtually pays for itself because there is no monthly rent to settle.

Storm coming? You can drive your entire home and family to a safer location way ahead of time. Compare that to having to board up the entire house and evacuate before the storm hits!



The small RV space that you live in teaches you how to clean up after making your own mess because you wouldn’t want to be living in a moving heap of garbage, would you?

Another beauty of RVing with a partner is you also learn to resolve conflicts the best way possible because you wouldn’t want to be traveling with someone under confined spaces who would easily stick a knife in your throat or an axe on your back.

The RV lifestyle makes you a genuine nature lover. You can hike, bike, hunt, jog, go fishing or boating where the road takes you. No one can ever accuse you of literally missing the forest for the trees because you see everything, from the vast panorama (read: the big picture) to every tiny, little thing.

You even get to name your RV.