Why living in an RV is often better than living in a house


RV living is not just about chucking a house in favor of a home on wheels. It’s really about realizing how you can grow as a person while living in a house on wheels.

Like many fascinated RVers have found out, it takes more than just a top-quality RV GPS onboard your trustworthy motorhome to get you to all the 49 states of America. You have to be ready to call every state your home for as long as you embrace the RV lifestyle. Cool, isn’t it?



Compared to a house, your RV could be parked in an elite address one day and then move on to another rich suburban neighborhood the next without you having to pay exorbitant real estate property costs. You can have a beachfront property and then another one in the big city without the need to take out one mortgage after another.

The concept of settling down is far from the traditional as RVing lets you enjoy marriage on the road, exploring all that the great U.S. of A. has to offer and consistently being thankful that you were born in such an awesome country with superbly awesome people, not to mention enjoying the RV life with a great spouse.


When you live in an RV, the normal things that regular house residents just take for granted become much more precious. You don’t take good WiFi connection for granted, warm and cold showers become more treasured during winters and summers, and being able to use a dishwasher in a serviced apartment is a delightful thing. Simply put, you never take even the smallest comforts of home for granted. You develop a healthy respect for amenities.

When traveling with a partner, one of you could drive while the other makes sure dinner will be ready when you get to the next state border.

Because your home is already paid off, you won’t ever have to worry about being crushed under a tremendous mortgage. The RV virtually pays for itself because there is no monthly rent to settle.

Storm coming? You can drive your entire home and family to a safer location way ahead of time. Compare that to having to board up the entire house and evacuate before the storm hits!



The small RV space that you live in teaches you how to clean up after making your own mess because you wouldn’t want to be living in a moving heap of garbage, would you?

Another beauty of RVing with a partner is you also learn to resolve conflicts the best way possible because you wouldn’t want to be traveling with someone under confined spaces who would easily stick a knife in your throat or an axe on your back.

The RV lifestyle makes you a genuine nature lover. You can hike, bike, hunt, jog, go fishing or boating where the road takes you. No one can ever accuse you of literally missing the forest for the trees because you see everything, from the vast panorama (read: the big picture) to every tiny, little thing.

You even get to name your RV.


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